Lavinia 4 jahre


We are an Italian familly. I need a help for my daughter to study Deutsch in a friendly atmosphere. She is very shy, so its important to fave a friendly contact with her. We are looking for a „friend“ or „older sister“ that will play games, sing, tell stories and rhymes in Deutsch, play with special language material, as cubes, ecc.
I can be present with you first days, we dont really need someone to replace parents (as i have time to dedicate to her), but the most important is to focuse on creating friendly relation and teach language.
We are flexible in our schedules, so i would arrange directly, but i think 1-2 hours in afternoon 2-4 times a week could be ok.
We would prefere Babisitter who understands a little of English or Italian. But im on the language courses now, so hope the communication will have no prblems